Dealing with Anger and Irritation

Dealing with anger requires skill, patience and compassion.  First, we tend to justify our anger. We may completely right in being angry. We might have a flawless logic. The other might also be a fool, but realize that anger can never change people. It only makes people work out of fear, and this will never last. People are seeking love in life and if we shout at them, we distance them. Shouting can never build teams and relationships, which in turn can jeopardize our success in the long run. 

Second, anger never comes unannounced. It starts as a irritation in the mind. Here lies the key. Start becoming aware of the irritation that creeps in you. As it starts to build, an uncontrollable urge builds up to throw it out of the system. We are designed to flush out negativities – both in the body (done by the liver, kidney’s etc.) and the mind (through sleep and dreaming). However the secret lies in awareness. When we take our attention to the irritation and observe the fact that it is within us – but not us – there begins the transformation. We obtain a greater sense of our self. We are no longer the anger but the watcher of the anger. Slowly and steadily, through practice, we gain mastery over the emotion. 

Heidelberg Castle. Germany 2019

Third, practice compassion. Compassion to others is often spoken about. But compassion to your anger is also imperative. Practice compassion towards the anger in you. When we practice compassion towards our negative energies, we outgrow them. We connect to a part in us which is beyond the emotion and eventually transcend them. 

We cannot control anger. We can transform it through awareness. 

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