For some, it comes easy to talk about themselves. For me though, I am usually at a loss to describe myself. Usually, I come up with something paltry like, ‘I am an Environmental Engineer’ or perhaps something more grandiose like, ‘I work to solve the Climate Crisis’. To show off, I also sometimes say, ‘I am a musician’ or ‘an artist’. To friends who know me best, they say ‘I am an anachronistic philosopher’ or an ‘adept actor very deft at reflecting situations and people’. To my detractors, I am ‘a vile fox worthy of the deepest contempt’. To students, ‘An inspirational teacher’. But I know, as perhaps do some among them, that these are all facets of me and yet, strangely, elude capturing who I am and what echoes in the deepest chambers of my inner temple.

The key question is, how do I relate to myself. And there, I cannot tell you – not to sound enigmatic or like someone who is shrouded in some impenetrable heavenly halo, but rather an honest outcry of a seeker’s perennial problem. Who am I? All I can say is that I am here to find out. As Frost said, ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’. My journey is that of moving from a barrage of words to the deepest and fullest silence, where I hope that this eternal question can be answered. It might therefore be apt to rephrase Frost to suit my own requirements and quite simply say that this is a ‘Journey of a thousand words’, where the endpoint is the deepest silence.

Photos 2012-01-10 121.jpg

I aim to use this blog to document and share what I have learned on this wondrous vacillating journey of life. This blog, as you will notice, has two sections – one called ‘Inner Reflections’ which will deal with my thoughts on all that aids or obstructs inner development. I would like to deal with matters of spiritual growth, personality development, dealing with inner conflicts, and to some extent contemporary psychology. I am no scientist or scholar in these realms and my writings merely stem from my observation of life and the impact of its charade on my mind. The second section, known as ‘Outer Expressions’ is a section that documents my observations on nature (which includes but not limited to birds, landscapes and plants), on music (of which I am a diligent pupil) and business strategy (which is something I enjoy thinking about). This is why perhaps this can be a little eclectic and difficult for people to digest. However, before it starts getting too messy, I will consider making separate sections for each of these topics based on the frequency and volume of posts.

Happy reading!

For those of you who want to reach me – akhileshmagal[at]gmail.com

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