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Soulful Scribblings

This book is a collection of short poems that I’d rather prefer to call ‘Scribblings’.
‘Scribblings’ are spontaneous, unplanned outpourings from an elevated state of being. They are unplanned and have often struck me on a long walk, during a musical concert, during my meditations, or even when I was in the shower. It is hard to say why or how these ‘feelings’ welled up and transformed into words. But they did.
These ‘scribblings’ don’t have the aesthetic structure and do not conform to literary rules – and they cannot. Emotions, after all, know no rules. When the heart opens and the ink starts to flow – what ensues is beyond anyone’s control. It is these ‘comings’ that I present to you in the form of these ‘scribblings’ – knowing very well that they have not come from me, rather through me.

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The Little Book of Peace: Short rules for a life of peace and simplicity

This book is a collection of a few short rules or better – realizations that have helped me lead a life of peace and joy amidst acute suffering. I hope this helps you too.

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