#PhotoEssay: Swiss Sojourn

Swiss Spring in Sepia

It is exceedingly arduous to describe the beauty of the Rhine valley of Switzerland. This is especially true in the spring months of May and June. A thousand species of flowers spring up from the blessed earth, displaying all shades of colors and reminding us of beauty that is inherent to nature.

The most brilliant parts of this region is that it is little known to tourists and I certainly wish it stays this way. Beauty when paraded, marketed and captured in pamphlets turn into something like a curated art show. I prefer the lesser known and unexplored parts. A nonchalant bridge here, a bed of lilies there, a warm smile from an unknown stranger or a simple window filled with geraniums.

There is also a deep feeling of “isness” of both nature and the people of this region. They are simply who and what they are – no pretense – no show. It connects me to a primordial part in each one of us – a region and time of simplicity and genuinity. This is what the purpose of travel is I gather. To show us how to be at home everywhere and anywhere. Home is, after all, in the heart – in that deep part of each one of us – that which is ancient and eternal.

Let us all endeavour to travel the world by carrying home with us.

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