#Photo Essay: A Tale of Two Trees

Summer in Gujarat is harsh. The landscape is bereft of any green vegetation, which creates a deep feeling of aridness in one’s inner realm. Just when you think that nature is withdrawing into itself, two remarkable species choose to defy the narrative and show themselves in a riot of color and pompous show.

The Golden Shower Tree (Cassia fistula)
Gulmohur (Delonix regia)

Both trees steal the show in putting out some of the brightest blossoms that any one would see throughout the year in India. The beautiful colors light up the harsh and hot landscape and bring almost a palliative effect on one’s mind.

Even in the most challenging times, there are things around us (and within us) that we can cherish. Nature has this almost magical quality to draw us through our senses, but leave us satisfied and calm. This is in contrast to modern distractions such as games and movies. I suppose this is because nature is alive – vibrant – and expressing consciousness in its fullest potential. One can almost sense the “is-ness” – an indescribable feeling of just being as it is. In that observation, we become one with nature – or perhaps we realize that we already are one with it.

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