I walk alone, I talk alone,
I trudge alone, I judge alone.
I search alone, I perch alone.
I seek alone, I am alone. 

I walk into forest of my soul,
and find a lone tree of presence. 
And as I sit by the river of thoughts, 
I find myself losing me and my sense 

Wave after wave, babble after babble,
the mind's infinite impressions pass by.
Dead leaves, twigs and the occasional fish,
move through this emptiness like a lie.

Oh! Where are you? Where am I?
I trudge alone on this path leading to nowhere.
It's hard to know who is who before I die?
I still tread where you would never dare. 

And I am still alone, I still walk alone. 
Alone in thoughts. Alone in fears.
Alone in company. Alone when together. 
Alone in love. Alone in tears.  

Full being alone and never lonely. 
This is my message. This is my journey.
From my first cry to the last mourn of that friend 
From time gone by to time that's round the bend. 

Alone. But never lonely. 
This is my message. 
Home. Far Far Away.

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