The Rhythm of Silence

There is a rhythm to each soul,
try catching that beat.
We are so lost in words,
they obscure the beats of silence.

The secret in this path, Oh Shams!
Is to be still in the world of activity.
The wind moves the leaves,
but the tree stays firmly rooted.

The world is a mirage of movement,
It tempts you and leaves you parched.
Desire after desire.
Give them all up and come home.
Come home to your soul.

Your highs and lows, joys and sorrows,
You’ve seen them, like a tyre going around itself.
Jump off your biped and rest by the side.
Close your eyes and sink into your soul.

There, you will see the see-er.
You will taste the taste-er.
You will feel the feel-er.
You shall rest in your true self.

At that moment, time stands still,
And the heavens open up to you.
At that time, sense the rhythm.
You’ll tell me – its the rhythm of silence

Delhi - Humayun's Tomb 2011-09-12 056.jpg
Humayun’s Tomb. Delhi. 2011


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