A New Beginning

I have been blogging on Blogspot for the past twelve years, however, the tide has turned and the winds of change have moved me towards wordpress. I have patiently waited for Blogger to come up to speed for some time; always deferring my decision to jump ship. But after much ado and much procrastination, aided by the sprightly energy of a tiny friend, I have mustered my courage to come here. And I must admit, this works well for me.

The next few days will surely be well spent, trying to acquaint myself to this new forum. I will endeavour to post at least once a week here. The form and structure will also be a departure from Scribble Scrabble Stroo.. I intend to group posts by topic, so that it becomes easy for readers who relate to only a particular facet of my writings. This is indeed a problem for someone who sees himself like a Renaissance Polymath or a Multipotentialite but perhaps is an eclectic bragger after all. Whatever, you intend to call me, having too many topics to write on might seem inconsistent to many and charming to others. To those who find it charming, feel free to browse through anything; for those looking for consistency, you can look where you want to. As an afterthought, I wonder if this space would even be read.

Whatever the results of this new venture, there is no denying the fact that this is indeed a new beginning. Let me therefore open it with a not-so-grand overture –  a photograph of my tomato plants in blossom. This is the first time I am (almost) seriously growing tomatoes. These plants grow in planters pots placed for everyone to see on my balcony.  I just love the trumpet like flowing shape of the ciliated flowers. And of course the fragrance of tomato is a pungent yet amiable sour smell which lingers on the hand that brushed against it.

More later!


Tomato Plant in a Sprightly Blossom

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