#Photo Essay

A couple of Black-Winged Stilt winding down their day. Sabarmati River. Gandhinagar, Gujarat. 2018 February

I was awfully tired sitting in my office all day and my neck was stiff from being upright. Acting on an impulse, I decided to skip out of my office and head straight down to the river bank, which is located merely 500 meters away from my workplace. The winter was fast receding into the Arctic depths of the north pole and the warm southern winds were replacing them in their annual battle – a battle that has no single victorious party. Wanting to take advantage of what’s left of the cool winter, I scrambled down the filthy debris strewn river bank and was immediately welcomed by a paddling of ducks. While the ducks were some distance away, these beautiful, yet common Black Winged Stilts, were close by, resting on shallow water. I presume they were winding down the hard day spent well in searching for crustaceans, fish and molluscs. As the sun decided to end its extraverted act and had started to retreat into the watery depths of the river, the light just about became perfect for this poignant shot.

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